A Story About CinKen

A Story About CinKen

A Story About CinKen

Who said, "Eating sesame seeds is a must when eating pancakes"? As a leading children's book publisher in Japan, Nagoka Bookstore, after discovering "mosquitoes," "waste," and shortly after, "razor blades" in highly popular educational games, was not only shocked but also infuriated. They sternly questioned the Chinese manufacturer, and the response they received was, "When eating pancakes, sesame seeds are bound to fall."

In the summer of 2004, this Japanese customer, who could no longer tolerate the situation of "losing a bunch of sesame seeds," so they visited the factory[CinKen] After listening to the factory owner's professional introduction, the Japanese customer decided to give Chinese manufacturing another chance but made it clear that if it didn't work out, they would return to producing in Japan. The goal was to provide children with the safest and most reliable educational games.

One year later, the Japanese customer's agent visited again, expressing shock and asking, "Why haven't we lost any sesame seeds after a year of eating pancakes?" Throughout that year, every batch of goods that entered Japan underwent quality inspection by a Japanese inspection company, yet no defects (sesame seeds) were found—none at all. This Japanese inspection company even found it hard to believe that these products came from China.

The Japanese customer (the president) presented the factory in Shanghai with a certificate of appreciation and a trophy.

Although the factory was an environment filled with waste, what it provided to children had to be the safest and most reliable educational games. Japan views and cares for children's learning and growth in this way. What about us?

Therefore, this factory in Shanghai decided to establish an educational toy research and development team within the company in 2006. The members included elites from both sides of the strait, focusing on design and production that "does not lose sesame seeds." This effort allowed the factory's produced educational games to be loved by parents, teachers, and children alike. The company has received many positive reviews and shares on the internet.

Starting from "not losing sesame seeds" and collaborating with clients from various countries for creative exchanges, the Love Play team continues to work hard to provide children with educational games that are intelligent, learning-oriented, joyful, and, most importantly, safe.