Play Fun 一日美術館 系列 Magnetic Puzzles Coasters(Blind Box)


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Preschool Tabletop Toy for Toddlers Promoting Hand-Eye Coordination, Shape

The reason for blind boxes is to add an element of randomness to the distribution process. In a blind box model, the contents are not disclosed to the buyer beforehand, creating an element of surprise when opening the box. This randomness adds excitement and anticipation for customers who enjoy the thrill of discovering what they will receive.


1.【Encourage Creation Educational Toys】

Magnetic puzzles offer a challenging solution, requiring players to focus on ensuring each puzzle piece accurately connects with others. This challenge stimulates cognitive abilities, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills.

2.【High-quality Material]

The magnetic nature of puzzle pieces effectively prevents them from shifting or detaching during the assembly process. This provides a more stable puzzle experience, reducing the likelihood of errors caused by hand movements.

3.【Ease of Manipulation】

Magnetic puzzle pieces are relatively easy to connect due to their magnetic properties. This design makes the puzzle-solving process smoother and suitable for kids .

3.【Fantastic & Creative Gifts For Kids】

The design of magnetic puzzles allows kids to create different patterns and structures more freely. This flexibility encourages creative thinking, enabling kids to experience and play in different ways, thereby enhancing the overall enjoyment and entertainment value.

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